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The GroSocial platform was built to allow select businesses to enter the social media marketing industry by offering a mature, powerful, and completely re-branded product to their existing and future customer bases.
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10 reasons businesses offer our platform
under their own label

1. Save Money

The cost to design and develop a platform like GroSocial isn't cheap. With GroSocial, your customers can manage their social profiles and design and publish Facebook tabs at a fraction of the cost.

2. Avoid Building a Proprietary Solution

The time, costs, and learning curve associated with building a proprietary social media marketing platform are significant. Trust us. Our partners are able to keep their operating budgets under control by leaning on our team's expertise.

3. Get into the Social Media Marketing Game

Small and medium-sized businesses are flocking to social networking sites as a means to easily and cost-effectively market their businesses. Your customers want social media marketing help--we help you confidently provide it.

4. We Offer a True Private Label

We allow our partners to place their private label on their domain, with their logo, their color scheme, and even their preferred feature set. Our API is mature and is currently used by multiple partners worldwide.

5. Very Competitive Pricing

Our discounted and tiered wholesale pricing model allows our partners to achieve economies of scale with excellent margins.

6. Optional Full-Service Offerings Available

GroSocial started out as a full-service social media marketing agency. Our Private Label Partnership Program includes offerings that support varying levels of customer involvement to help you keep your customers happy.

7. Excellent Customer Retention

Private labeling our GroSocial platform provides partners with a stable recurring revenue stream that is worth their time, attention, and investment to promote.

8. Customer Support

Each partner we work with receives dedicated, 24-hour support from our in-house customer and partner support team.

9. Quick Implementation

Implementing a private label of GroSocial with any partner generally takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks (depending on the depth of implementation desired by the partner)--we support your choice to either leverage our team or tackle the integration on your own.

10. Offer a Cutting-Edge Product

Some people "get" social media marketing. Others don't. Our team knows what they're doing, has built a powerful product, and continues to develop and innovate in our partners' behalf to keep them ahead of the competition.